Welded steel and stainless steel tubes

BARTZ-WERKE is a renowned manufacturer of precision tubes produced by LASER and / or TIG welding processes. These high-quality steel or stainless steel tubes are used in a wide range of applications, such as the automotive industry, filter technology, chemistry and heating technology.

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Gallery tube technology

Automotive tube technology and tube technology in general

Exact in dimension and quality

The tubes are produced on 2 fully automatic production lines, mainly using the laser welding process, or on conventional, mainly manual production machines using the TIG welding process. Further robot-assisted operations such as annealing or smoothing of the weld seam, expanding or end forming are connected to the two fully automatic production lines. In addition to cylindrical tubes, oval tubes or rectangular or square tubes with corresponding radii can also be produced on these lines.

Our production capabilities

Fully automatic production lines
Especially suitable for large and medium series
Diameter 80 - 250 mm
material thickness 0.4 - 2.0 mm
possible max. fixed length 700 mm (LASER), 600 mm (TIG)

Other geometries (oval, rectangular, square) are also possible!

Conventional tube production
Especially suitable for medium and small series as well as prototypes and single pieces
Diameter 80 - 500 mm
material thickness 0.6 - 2.0 mm
possible max. fixed length 1,000 mm

Our specialities

We are specialized in producing welded tubes of steel and stainless steel with a special know-how for an extremely durable weld seam. Various forming operations such as calibrating, ovalizing or bending are possible on our tubes due to the special weld quality. Perforated tubes can be produced with a wide variety of hole patterns.

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