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Inspired by over a century of history, our range in the heating technology sector has been continually and methodically expanded and enhanced, leveraging our experience and know-how. Thanks to the support of our international partners, today we can offer you a wide range of diverse heating appliances to suit your individual requirements.

Please visit our new specialized web site for heating technology with stoves and cookers on: www.bartz-kaminoefen.de


We also offer a wide range of heating and cooking units such as wood stoves and cookers all with or without channel flow and insets for fireplaces.
Naturally, our main concern here remains the functionally of the individual models. Exceptional quality, using only the finest materials and professional processing in state of the art production lines as well as cutting-edge combustion techniques are the cornerstones which make it possible.
You can also exploit the numerous benefits of our heating appliances. Fire at the centre of our lives as a source of light and heat. Environmentally-friendly heating with renewable resources, enhancing the appearance of your living space and pleasant heat - all this and more comes with our products. So why not let a little more warmth into you life?!...
We have a dense network of specialists dealers nationwide, who are happy to supply you with our heating appliances. Simply ask and we will be glad to point you in the direction of your nearest dealer.



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Fireplace and stove studio

Visit our regional fireplace and stove studio in Dillingen/Saar and Pöhla/Ore Mountains

There, enjoy our wide selection of heating appliances and let us showcase the various technical details and possibilities.
Our employees will be glad to welcome you


Franz-Meguin-Straße 14-16  ·  66763 Dillingen;
+49 (0)6831/7008-0

Opening times:
Monday to Friday from 8 am to 5 pm non-stop
Saturday 9 am to 1 pm


representation center east
Am Pfeilhammer 1  ·  08352 Pöhla
+49 (0)3774/8404-0

Opening times
Monday to Friday from 8am to 12am; 2pm to 5pm
Saturday from 9am to 11am
or by appointment