From modern to classic and functional too


Inspired by over a century of history, our range in the heating technology sector has been continually and methodically expanded and enhanced.
Thanks to the support of our international partners, we can offer you an extensive range of wood-cookers to meet your individual requirements.


BARTZ-EXKLUSIV Cookers Cookers Channel-flow cookers


The new BARTZ-EXCLUSIV Cookers

The new BARTZ-EXCLUSIV cookers series comprises a wide range of top-quality and highly functional stoves. Firstly, the cooking stoves in widths of 32, 40 and 50 cm, and secondly range cookers inc. baking stoves from 60 to 90 cm. All stoves can be built into any kitchen unit using a connecting panel.

  • HKR 40/60

  • HKR 50/60

  • HKR 60/60

  • HKR 75/60

  • HKR 75/60 SF

  • HKR 90/60

  • HKRS 75/60 AS

  • HKRS 85/60 AS


Exceptional quality, using only the finest materials and professional processing in state of the art production lines as well as cutting-edge combustion techniques are the cornerstones of our wood stove range. The NK line wood stoves - ranging from modern to classic and functional, allowing us to cater to all desired designs and provide the heating capacity your require for your home in our range of different wood stoves units.

  • Cucinotta

  • Italy Built In

  • Italy Hard Top

  • Mamy

  • Rosa

  • Rosetta

  • Suprema

Channel-flow cookers

Economical cosy heat

Channel-flow wood stoves are the optimal add-on for central heating systems, letting you slash heating costs by up to 50%. So you can enjoy the cosy warmth of your oves and save money into the bargain. To ensure the heat energy provided is used as efficiently as possible, a buffer storage facility is required, which should have a capacity of 100 litres of heat output on the water side per kW. (E.g. 10 kW heat output on the water side = 1,000 litres buffer storage)
In addition, when connecting to the heating system, a thermal discharge safety device is crutical, to guarantee safe operation.

The inclusion in the heating circuit must only be performed by a specialist company. The latter will also inform you of other installation components required, such as buffer storage, expansion tank, return temperature raising facility, control block, 3-way valve, etc.

  • Thermo Rosa DSA

  • Thermo Sovrana DSA

  • Thermo Suprema DSA

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There, enjoy our wide selection of heating appliances and let us showcase the various technical details and possibilities.
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